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An open finance prime broker


Alkemi team members are humble and curious entrepreneurs, builders, and tinkerers who share a passion to demystify Decentralized Finance and tap its potential to create change in the world. Our people are our greatest strength: our diverse crew flourishes in a distributed hierarchy where personal autonomy and professional growth are encouraged. We value our culture above else: regardless of where you came from, what you studied, or who you used to work for, your role here will necessitate both a high level of creativity and strategic thinking on complex issues. Everyone here is a team player, and no one fits in a box. We’re all driven by an insatiable thirst for learning and development, and that’s what brings us together

Perks and benefits

Equity benefits

Work remote

Have total autonomy to work from wherever you want. Offices conveniently located in Brooklyn New York, and Toronto Ontario

Flexible vacation policy

When you need time off take it. The only requirement is that you keep up with your work, and dont leave your co-workers hanging.