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The next evolution of financial technology

The next evolution of financial technology

A 600 is not always a 600. Current credit scoring models are often outdated and inaccurate, falsely boxing in customers as non-prime when they can perform as near-prime/prime. These customers are often underserved by their financial institutions and must resort to payday lenders and other predatory marketplace lenders to find credit.

Aliya is more than just a credit model. We’ve created a unique solution to push out pre-screened unsecured personal loans at market-leading rates to those who need it most. Using sophisticated data analytics, we partner with financial institutions to discover "prime-like" lending opportunities within a non-prime segment. We also offer post-loan risk management, customer engagement, and capital solutions to help our partners improve their balance sheets.

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Successful startup exit (Grubhub acquired Bask Labs). Math PhD (Penn State, 2010). Did options trading at Credit Suisse. ACM ICPC World Champion-2004.

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