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Social Entrepreneur (Co founder)

€28k – €35k • 4.0% – 8.0%
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Alin Proptech is looking for Social Entrepreneurs who want to make an impact!
Our mission: Provide an Affordable way of Living with a higher quality of life!

We do this by introducing people to Coliving and by using technology to create a more sustainable community. People save money by sharing a house with other like-minded people. And thanks to our specialized tenant matching we make sure we provide them with the perfect housemates. Our platform encourages social interactions to battle loneliness and isolation. Thanks to this our members will have a richer and more meaningful life.

We know that the problems with the housing market hit some people harder than others. And we think it is our duty to try and help everyone out as good as we can. People that are in an urgent situation will get priority over others, and pricing for our homes and services is dynamic based on the tenant's income. Thanks to our important role in the community we can do even more!

That is why we are looking for a Social Entrepreneur to join our founding team who will focus on micro-projects within the community.

Do you want to work part-time on your own projects and solve social issues?
Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit?
Are you just as motivated to solve the housing crisis in the Netherlands?

What you will do:
- Spend time on projects that YOU find important.
- Be the moral compass of our company.
- Be a community leader.
- Solve social issues within our community.
- Think of possible projects that would help you solve social problems.
- Create awareness about your projects.

For example (fictive):
Your research points out that there are a lot of young kids (<14) in ‘RotterHaag’ who are at home alone until 8 PM and do not have a healthy meal every evening.
You suggest letting members of our community cook for the kids and let the kids play in the common playground until their parents pick them up after work.
Within a month this solution is implemented and the sweet children of RotterHaag no longer have to cook their own meals, and parents pay a lot less than at the day-care.
You also write blog posts about this project and present the results on our events.

Social entrepreneurs must also really show that it is possible to earn money with an eye for people, the environment, society, and the world. They really want to make a difference.
- You have one mission: IMPACT FIRST!
- You want to solve social issues for as many people as possible.
- You can focus on the core of the problem and get to a solution fast.

What skills do you need:
- Community building.
- Problem-solving capabilities.
- Be creative.
- Understand business and commerce.

There is no education for fixing large social issues but you can still impress us with your degree or work experience.
Anyone who is passionate about fixing the things that are wrong should apply.

This is a position as co-founder and at this moment we require around 10 hours of weekly commitment. This position can be combined with study or other employment very well as long as we wait for funding.

What will you get?
* You will have the ability to make a difference in the housing market and for everyone on it.
* Your internal projects will get funded by Alin Proptech
* You will get (4-8%) equity in our company
* You will not get a salary until we get funded, after that, you will receive a normal salary.
* Unique working experience other than the typical 9-5, or side-job.

Reply now by sending your CV and don’t forget to motivate your relationship with the housing crisis and the problems society faces that you want to change.

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