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Solving the housing crisis

Solving the housing crisis

A digital platform where home seekers can join up and rent or buy a place together. Our matching system provides them with the best possible match.

All over the world people are moving toward urban centers looking for jobs and opportunities. Most people are struggling to find an affordable place and settle for a small one-bed, one-bath apartment. And while most people live alone, the number of persons that express feelings of loneliness and isolation. It is in these situations that sharing a home provides us with a logical and affordable way of living. It are our common interests and purposes that create new friendships. Technology helps us improve our quality of life.

Alin Proptech is a new platform where like-minded people meet each other. We match our tenants on their interests, personality, and over 100 other datapoints.

We offer home seekers an alternative that improves their quality of life and increases the number of meaningful relationships they have.

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