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Mobile Learning for Syrian Refugees

Mobile Learning for Syrian Refugees

Candy Theme Park is a singleplayer and multiplayer children’s educational game-based app involving a virtual world that contains a range of online and offline mini-games. In this virtual world, children use avatars to play learning games on their own, collaborate with their peers, or ask their mentors questions. Using a learner-centered approach, the app teaches Syrian refugee children ages 5-10, foundational Arabic literacy skills and helps them deal with the stresses of war.

Online features allow children to interact with four support channels within the app (parent, peer, mentor, social worker), making up an ecosystem of learning support that helps children achieve higher cognition and decrease the impacts of trauma and chronic stress.

Category: Education
Size: 100MB
Rating: Ages 5 & Under; Ages 6-8; Ages 9-11
Family Sharing: Yes
Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.1.1 + / Android 4.1 +
Languages: Arabic (MSA)
Cost: Free
Founder of Aliim. Paralegal at Simpson Thacher. Strong background in education and social affairs (UNESCO, IIE, Dream Project, Ministry of Social Dev. Jordan)

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