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Lead a passionate team of software engineers & machine learning scientists building the world's first Virtual Business Analyst bot Algo!
Co-Founder & Evangelist at Algo.ai and AlgoFace. Firestarter and early stage utility player. Can't sit still.


Steve Hanna

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Technical Executive & Startup Founder

Leslie Grzesiak

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My focus is to impart a positive company image, and elevate my client's user-experience. I have PM, AM, and Software Implementation exp in IT and Manufacturing.

Robert Ervin

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Co-Founder and CTO of Sparkwant. Builders of Trendala and looking for code ninjas. We're fundraising!

Taleb Alashkar

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PhD in computer vision and machine learning I work on classical machine learning and deep learning techniques to solve hard computer vision/ augmented reality.

Jeff Fueston

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More than 15 years of optimizing inventory management, streamlining supply chain operations, and exceeding customer expectations.

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Kelley Ruijia Liu

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Logan Freda

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