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Automate your paperwork

Automate your paperwork

ALF is set to revolutionize business administration by consigning paperwork to history. ALF’s vision is to build a business that relieves businesses from the burdensome, time consuming legal and administrative overhead, still mandatory. Our SAAS simplifies, automates and renders effortless paperwork in France. alf is 100% online, white label, mobile-oriented and paperless including basics functionalities such as form and document generator, workflow management to which you can add adds-on upon needs (e-signatures, instant ID checks, electronic storage, government documentation etc.). We endeavour to be the default tool for lawyers, accountants and big corporations managing paperwork.

Lead developer - Full stack Web - Legaltech - Paris, France

Account Executive - Legaltech - Paris, France

Founder, CEO @ALF , @TandM Avocats • Worked at @Amazon.com, @pricewaterhousecoopers-3