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Machine Learning with less data

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About Us

At Alectio, we are on mission to help companies use their data intelligently. According to us, not all data is created equal, and we believe that Big Data is not the solution to building high performance Machine Learning models. Our revolutionary approach to Machine Learning empowers our customers to identify the data that is the most beneficial to their models so that they can train these models with the same level of accuracy with only a fraction of the data.

Currently headquartered in Santa Clara, we are a fast-growing, dynamic early stage start-up focussed on solving the next big problem in AI.

For more information, visit alectio.com.

About the Role

This is a very unique opportunity for a passionate data scientist looking for something different. In an age when the data science community relies on large volume of data to build high performance models, you will, on the contrary, develop solutions to reduce dramatically the amount of data required to build those models. You will work daily with the most cutting-edge techniques, including entropy analysis, transfer learning, active learning and meta-learning, to develop new algorithms that automatically identify redundant and useless data within any dataset.

As a ML Scientist at Alectio, you will have the chance to work with a very wide range of use cases, as we service customers from many different industries working on a myriad of different projects. If you don’t like working on the same problem for long, this is the perfect position for you.

Primary Responsibilities

- Work closely with the Chief Scientist (Founder and CEO) and other members of the Engineering team to design the next generation of ML algorithms (i.e., you will work with like-minded people and join our exciting brainstorming sessions)
- Contribute to the development of the world's first data-efficient Machine Learning platform (i.e., you will help save the world from the upcoming data-pocalypse)
- Collaborate with the Research team to find new exciting ways to apply Alectio's technology to solve real-life problems (i.e., you should get a kick out of seeing your data products in production)
- Collaborate closely with customers to convert their needs into opportunities to integrate new features into the platform (i.e., you are a builder and never lose the chance to create cool new s***)
- Keep an eye on potential new competitors and guide the company's Product stragegy (i.e., you will act as your own product manager instead of depending on a non-technical product manager)
- Become a thought-leader in the domain of data efficiency, represent the company at conferences and write blog posts to educate the industry on Alectio’s mission (i.e., you will have the opportunity to brag about your work all the time and to establish yourself as an expert in the field)

What we are looking for in a candidate

- An outstanding understanding of theoretical Machine Learning, in particular of Deep Learning.
- Some exposure and textbook knowledge of Active Learning, Transfer Learning and/or Meta-Learning would be a plus.
- At least 2 years of experience developing Machine Learning models, preferably with a track record of successfully deploying to production.
- At least 2 years of experience writing code in Python, Scala, Java or another programming language.
- Strong data storytelling and data visualization skills.
- A supernatural ability to learn and adopt new technologies quickly.
- Some awesome product management skills balancing a taste for innovation with pragmatism, and a deep desire to bring value to the customer.
- An ability to explain complex concepts concisely and efficiently and an insatiable passion for solving tough problems.

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Machine Learning with less data

Alectio focuses on Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, and B2B · SaaS · Mobile · Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning. Their company has offices in Mountain View. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.alectio.com

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