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AI-powered precision cement & concrete

AI-powered precision cement & concrete

A venture-backed AI startup enabling cement & concrete producers to not produce excessively strong concrete anymore.

Although concrete is responsible for ~8% of worldwide carbon emissions due to its main ingredient (portland cement), it's end-use efficiency is extremely low. This results in concrete parts across the world being 20-100%+ too strong and having properties they don't actually need - still today, in the 21st century, and with a gigantic wave of more urban construction coming up in the next decades.

Using Alcemy's software, producers of cement and concrete get precise quality predictions before they ship out their products - for the first time in history. Together with process parameter suggestions, this enables producers to counterbalance fluctuations from the limestone and the cement, and ultimately leads the way to strength-on-point, use-specific concrete.

Robert Meyer

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Co-Founder & CTO at @alcemy. Machine Learning and Python Engineer. Former @FlixBus and PhD in Computational Neuroscience @TU-Berlin . 79 characters.

Leopold Spenner

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Co-Founder/CEO @alcemy. Cement freak. M.Sc. in Engineering @Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Fast Forward @BCG. Ex @GermanCementAssociation Scientist.

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