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Bringing human-like conversations using AI to every application

Bringing human-like conversations using AI to every application

Today, when people use mobile applications, they need to spend time getting familiar with the functionality as well as the interface. Every app is different. Most of us give up using them. This is why 99.9% of mobile applications are useless and end up dying. How simple it would be if you could just open any application, and ask it what you want. The application understands exactly what you said and does what you asked. We have developed fundamental AI technology to allow people to tell their applications, via voice, exactly what they need, and to have the application provide in return what is being requested from it on the spot. Within a few days, the Alan Platform enables a voice assistant into any existing application. The integration with Alan does not change the existing application legacy touch and type experience. To date, we have thousands of developers deploying in-app voice assistants on Alan Platform. Our vision is to become the de facto Conversational Voice AI Platform for all applications.

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