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hydrogen-fueled full-scale multicopters: air mobility for people

hydrogen-fueled full-scale multicopters: air mobility for people

Our Product: vehicles for safe, affordable, clean-fuel, point-to-any point travel in the 21st-century airspace. Leave behind the constraints of hub-and-spoke airports, and the congestion of interstates, turnpikes and freeways. Designed for commuters and for Inter- and intra-urban travel. Perfect for Air Taxis in crowded, polluted cities worldwide. Harnessing the clean power of hydrogen fuel cells for zero air pollution. Sustainable transportation. No idling in traffic. No greenhouse gas emissions.

This represents a new generation of Personal Transportation: a passenger-carrying, all-electric multicopter. Simple enough for anyone with a drivers’ license to operate. Autonomous, or piloted, using a simple hand-held tablet. Think Air Taxi. Commuting. Air Mobility. Disaster relief. Border patrol. Intelligence. Homeland Security. Emergency Management (FEMA).

The Air Mobility Vehicle, or AMV.

Our team includes decades of aerospace and airspace integration experience.
WPI MSEE, successful founder/ entrepreneur, Chief Technical Officer, inventor, executive, large company experience with Raytheon, Beech, Parker; FAA experience

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