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Connecting musafirs globally through location information sharing

Connecting musafirs globally through location information sharing

Al-Musafir (The Traveller) is a smartphone app that connects musafirs globally through location information sharing. It finds, navigates and allows interaction with respect to places that are important to musafirs. Al-Musafir promotes unity and understanding among Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Al-Musafir is building the tools to help Muslims find not just faith-related places but also places of business, government agencies and not-for-profits. In turn, Al-Musafir wants to help the owners/managers of these places to reach the Muslim market. The Muslim population is the fastest growing with 1.7 billion people now of which >300 million use smartphones. Valued at >USD2 trillion annually, the likes of Nestle, Marriott, Pfizer, and HSBC invest heavily while other organisations including non-IOC governments also recognise the need to better serve this unique, faith-based segment.

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