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Machine learning for edge devices

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Aktive is an artificial intelligence software company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois working to enable a world where products can perceive their environment. Founders Adam Tilton and Shane Ghiotto have pioneered a new approach to learning patterns in signals that can transform sensors into perceivers. Aktive’s products are software-defined sensors: Low-power, real-time, software-defined sensors that implement machine learning primitives. These software sensors are used by Aktive’s customers to increase product capabilities while reducing power and data requirements, like connected apparel that understands how it is being used, and industrial motors that can describe how they’re operating.


We are compelled by the problem of understanding intelligence, and believe investigating how to represent and learn patterns in sensor data will lead to deeper understanding of what intelligence is. For the past decade, we have been building learning technology for signal data in constrained environments, beginning with graduate work at the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign in Prashant Mehta’s lab at the Coordinated Science Laboratory. We work together as a team, but are looking for folks that can be semi-autonomous and take pride in the quality of their work.


In debug mode, Aktive’s machine learning algorithms will expand 4 bytes of input data to 20 kilobytes of output data. In other words, Aktive generates 30 gigabytes of debug data for one hour of accelerometer data at 200Hz. The data science team is responsible for building tools that make the debug data accessible to the algorithm and firmware engineers for exploration and visualization.

As a backend software engineer on Aktive’s data science team, you will build scalable architecture around time series data to enable exploration of large data sets. By applying your knowledge of software development best practices, time series databases, and cloud infrastructure, you will write code, build tests, organize data, and create processing pipelines to enable large scale data experiments. By interfacing with the algorithms engineers and firmware engineers, you’ll see insights discovered using tools you’ve built define the direction of development at Aktive.


* Expert in data science cloud infrastructure
* Experience with time series specific databases
* Experience with large datasets
* Advanced SQL proficiency
* Experience building pipelines for streaming input and output data


* Competitive salaries and stock options
* Health care coverage
* Continuous learning and development support
* Visa process support
* Team lunches
* Team building activities
* WeWork membership

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Machine learning for edge devices

Aktive focuses on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Embedded Hardware and Software. Their company has offices in Chicago. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://aktive.ai

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