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Nest for audio

Nest for audio

Aiwa seeks to be the Nest of home audio. By making audio products (e.g. speakers) that integrate with a cloud service, we can create an ecosystem that evolves to automate and enhance group listening experiences. This adaptive solution will help us achieve our vision of amplifying the universal, timeless power of music to bring people together.

Somewhere along the way these experiences, moments of connection forged through shared listening, have disappeared. A large gap exists in today’s home audio market. Portable wireless speakers, typically Bluetooth, offer convenience and ease of use at the expense of audio quality. On the other hand, multi-room audio systems offer powerful sound, but require inflexible and involved set-up. Aiwa fills this gap with solutions that connect people the way the once-ubiquitous home stereo did decades ago.

Aiwa’s first product, the Exos-9, combines the convenience of Bluetooth with the features and sound quality of traditional home audio solutions.

Joe Born

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Founder of @Digital Innovations, @Neuros Technology and @Aiwa. Inventor of consumer products totaling $350M in revenue.

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