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Intelligent people planning

Intelligent people planning

Large professional services firms have to plan thousands of simultaneous and overlapping client projects across multiple markets and time zones, and assign the optimal people with the right skills, availability, experience, and location, to maximise profitability, client satisfaction, and employee engagement. They need to do all of this while meeting all regulatory requirements. Sub-optimal planning costs these firms millions every year in lost revenue and overheads. Creating
optimal plans manually at this scale is impossible.

Braid is an AI-powered planning solution for professional services firms. It considers more than 40,000 scheduling options per second, which allows it to create an optimal plan quickly, regardless of workforce
size. When plans are disrupted, Braid reacts instantly to maintain the most optimal plan, preventing unexpected changes from derailing the business.

Delphine Rabiller

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Data analyst with an interest in using data to drive business decisions. Organised using passion for stats to deliver insightful results in a creative way.

Andrew Bone

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Founder @Airts • Worked at @PwC, @Royal Bank of Scotland

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