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A spreadsheet with the power of a database



Airtable co-founder, former Google Maps product manager

Howie Liu

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Cofounder, CEO at Airtable. Previously cofounded Etacts (YC W2010, acquired by Salesforce)


Quan West

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Jooli Hong

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Head of Design at Airtable. Previously led product design at Dropbox, design at Medium, and helped build teams at Airbnb, Uber, and Google.

Jaya Singh

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Victoria Day

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Mark Lugay

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Jay Gu

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Richard Sinn

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Principal Software Engineer @Peer. Previously @Oracle. @MIT S.B. and M.Eng in EECS.

Kah Seng Tay

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VP Eng @Drive.ai, Dir of Eng @Quora, CTO @Etacts, Co-Founder @sgBEAT, Dev @Microsoft • Studied at @MIT

Rachel Xiao

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Experienced recruiter with background in U.S. immigration.
Digital Strategy, Product, Innovation. Exp: Cross Culture Ventures, Intel Capital, Collaborative Fund. Edu: Design Innovation, Finance, Psychology, Health Comm
Full Cycle Technical Recruiter and consultant at Salesforce, HouseCanary and Segment as well as consulting engagements at earlier stage startups.
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Board members and advisors

Co-Founder and President @Anchorage, ex-@docker, ex- @Square, PhD in CS, startup advisor and early stage investor.
Previously VP Security Engineering @ Salesforce
Previously CMO / CRO @ Slack, CMO @ Zendesk, SVP of Online Marketing & Operations @ Salesforce
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Former team

Danielle Frider

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Mitali Gala

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Dane Nespoli

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Nathan Eidelson

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Ben Burns

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