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Commercializing sensors for fine & ultrafine airborne particulate matter detection

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Looking for candidates that want to make a difference by improving the world for plants, animals and people.

Air pollution is a fundamental problem for animals, humans and plants.
According to the World Health Organization 7 million people die from related symptoms each year. Worldwide, poor air quality is responsible for almost as many deaths as cancer and an order of magnitude more deaths than HIV and malaria combined.

In East Asia and the Pacific alone, the World Health Organization estimates that 1.3 billion people - almost a quarter of the world population is breathing unsafe air each day. Particulate pollution is linked to heart disease, some cancers and early death. Children, the elderly and the sick are especially vulnerable.
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Other Engineering

Electrical Sensor Engineer

Posted 5 months ago

Electrical Sensor Engineer Looking to make a real difference?Concerned about the environment? Air pollution? Health Impacts of air pollution? Climate change? Early-stage, state of the art Berkeley-based startup operating in the air monitoring space is looking for you. We are searching for a...

Other Engineering

ANSYS Finite Element Analysis & Modeling - Part-time

Posted 5 months ago

Looking for local person - Berkeley Finite Element Analysis and Modeling expert ANSYS experience required - Flexible hours - depending on additional skills options for full time, long term employment or ongoing part-time work - To learn more about air pollution and AirSpeQ follow us on...

Other Engineering

Entrepreneurial Research Fellowship - Post Doc

Posted 3 months ago

Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Innovative Postdoctoral Entrepreneurial Research Fellowship (I-PERF) recruits, trains, mentors, matches, and funds early-career Science and Engineering (S&E) doctoral degree recipients to participate in innovative entrepreneurial activities. ...

Software Engineer

VP/Director Engineering

Posted 5 months ago

Company Culture/Introduction MEMS FBAR based fine and ultrafine particulate matter sensor start up. Funded by NASA, NSF and NIH. We are looking for a hands on VP of Engineering with significant SBIR experience looking to make a difference in the world by helping animals, plants and people...