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Commercializing sensors for fine & ultrafine airborne particulate matter detection

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Looking for candidates that want to make a difference by improving the world for plants, animals and people. While we aren't currently looking for any particular candidates we do expect to have some additional positions open in a couple of months; in the interim, if you feel you have something important to contribute please email us at info@airspeq.com. Air pollution is a fundamental problem for animals, humans and plants. In fact recent studies from Harvard and MIT are finding that exposure to air pollution increases the severity and lethality of Covid-19. According to the World Health Organization 7 million people die from related symptoms each year. Worldwide, poor air quality is responsible for almost as many deaths as cancer and an order of magnitude more deaths than HIV and malaria combined. In East Asia and the Pacific alone, the World Health Organization estimates that 1.3 billion people - almost a quarter of the world population is breathing unsafe air each day. Particulate pollution is linked to heart disease, some cancers and early death. Children, the elderly and the sick are especially vulnerable.
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VP/Director Engineering

Posted 2 months ago

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MEMS FBAR based fine and ultrafine particulate matter sensor start up. Funded by NASA, NSF and NIH.