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Vision Accomplished

Vision Accomplished

AirService is a leading-edge guest experience platform for the luxury enterprise hospitality industry. We ensure guests get the most out of their stay at some of the world’s most exciting hotels, resorts and casinos.

Hotel owners and operators commit an enormous amount of time, passion and capital to creating a beautiful experience for their guests, yet over 70% of guests don’t realise all that the hotel has to offer or don't have an easy way to access those offerings.

AirService bridges this gap, informing guests about the hotel and giving them a fast, easy and intuitive way to act on that information.

Guests become not only loyal repeat customers, but also passionate ambassadors who deliver a network of new guests.

Senior Systems Engineer

Stefan Williams

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Co-Founder of @AirService, strong creative background, worked in London, NY, Sydney on Award Winning accounts, now working on my first Startup.

Dominic Bressan

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Co-founder & CEO of @AirService, lawyer, MBA grad, strong business background, long-time tech enthusiast.


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