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We turn parking lots into money making machines



Jonathon Barkl

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Co-founder & CEO at AirGarage

Chelsea Border

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Data analytics & software development Previously: FinTech @CharlesSchwab, Research @ASU, @GraceHopperWIC Currently: Cofounder & CDO @AirGarage

Scott Fitsimones

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Co-Founder of AirGarage. Former engineer at Facebook and CERN. Our stack is Django, React, and some Elixir.


Zak DeBrine

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Colorado born and avid reader. Co-founder of SpotSense. Technology should be something that serves us as opposed to taking us away from the real world.

Beverly Lwenya

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Founder @afropolitanshop

Chad Lirette

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Operations and Business Development. Worked in two startup environments since 2014. Co-created business unit @KellyOCG and helped lay groundwork @every2min.

Nisreen Mandviwala

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Process-oriented generalist gal, and insatiable learner.

Priya Ghose

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Software Engineer @AirGarage

Bryan Sbriglia

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Supply Growth @AirGarage