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About Airfox:

Airfox’s mission is to empower millions of underbanked users in Brazil to take control of their wealth with digital financial products and services. We’ve developed an Android (and soon iOS) application to provide users with a no-hassle, free bank account that provides them with ease-of-access to their digital balance. We have also partnered with Via Varejo (BVMF: VVAR3), one of the largest retailers in Brazil, to create a bundle of retail features and in-store financing solutions for our users. Airfox has offices in Boston and São Paulo.

About our User Success team:

The User Success team is an integral part of Airfox’s operations and is based in Sao Paulo. Our team is customer-obsessed and extremely passionate about delivering amazement in customer support interactions, and also about managing the communications between users and the rest of the business to make sure the business is inserted in what is happening on support. The Success team is responsible for 24x7 customer support deliverance, on a daily basis, and puts high effort in this. In this role, you will work to develop our support product, mainly operating strategies for retention and making our support channels more efficient each time. We are deploying a set of tech partners that should allow us to deliver high quality support automation and in an efficient manner.

You will build from scratch our chatbot strategy, for both in-app and WhatsApp, as well as keep our phone IVR running smooth in a way that the users feel that the channels help them solve problems quicker. Also, you will own configuration and setting up our support platforms to make sure that agents can reply users requests quick and solve their problems. Chatbot is a huge bet for company to deliver efficiency, just as it is a world trend for technology in support, and you will be in direct charge of making sure the bots can deliver retention, triage, and pleasant experiences. Lastly, you will work with our external partners that provide us our support tech solutions to build and deliver excellence in our channels.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Build and deliver strategies for chatbot retention and efficiency;
2. Manage chatbot decision trees and self learning processes, in collaboration with our external vendors, mostly from abroad;
3. Handle and bring improvements to our IVR to make sure phone experience is also efficient and pleasant;
4. Develop and metrify results of support channels efficiencies, such as retention and satisfaction for chatbot, and average wait time for IVR;
5. Understand ways we can use our support tools such as Zendesk in a more efficient way, organizing our queues (LIFO, FIFO, contact reasons, triggers);
6. Understand and develop the channels our users love most, focusing on digital and very personable channels such as chat and phone, and helping deprecate channels that get much less attention or that are inefficient, such as e-mail.


1. BA/BS degree
2. 2+ years of experience in customer support functions, related to support processes
3. Analytical background specific to customer support, having a strong approach in numeric results
4. Advanced or fluent english, to a level you're comfortable speaking with natives
5. Desired experience working with chatbot, IVR and Zendesk
6. Ability to handle fast growth and change