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Airport gyms, behind security

Airport gyms, behind security

We're a lifestyle service targeting business travelers by placing gym and shower facilities in airports, behind security, as a concession offering. Our tech-integrated equipment allow passengers to remain connected to their busy lives while focusing on their bodies so that they can board that next flight feeling happy, healthy, and productive. Access to the gym is available in day, month, or annual passes for $25, $100, and $400 respectively. Customers can also rent or purchase athletic apparel and healthy food from our staffed and hospitality trained service desk employees. Users can bypass staff interaction if they like by using our mobile app to purchase a pass, check-in, and reserve a shower, all at the click of a button.
Founded Bridger CrossFit then successfully exited after 4 years. Bachelor's in Applied Math and Physics with Post-Bacc Pre-Med Cert. Recently a business coach.
Founder & CMO of AirFit dba ROAM Fitness MBA, Sports Marketing | BS Business Admin
Founder and CEO of AirFit. 10+ years in program mgmt. and staff coordination. Studied mathematics at Dartmouth college. MBA valedictorian from U. Oregon.

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