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Data to set you apart. Insights to keep you ahead

Data to set you apart. Insights to keep you ahead

AirDNA helps hosts, property managers and investors make the most of the short-term vacation rental market by turning short-term rental data into actionable analytics. We forecast the revenue potential of 10+ million vacation rental listings in 80,000 markets globally on Airbnb and HomeAway, empowering our customers to analyze easier, invest wiser, list smarter and succeed faster.

Entrepreneurs and businesses around the world rely on AirDNA for the data to set them apart and the insights to keep them ahead.

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Tom Caton

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Kellogg MBA. Sales Team Builder

Scott Shatford

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AirDNA Founder

Douglas Jardine

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CTO of Airdna. Full stack software background. Corp strategy and investments @Samsung. Software developer @iRobot and @Northrop Grumman. MIT Sloan MBA 2010.