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At airCFO, we believe the future is built by startups each and every day. For most of our clients, the most limited resource is time. airCFO saves our clients’ time by managing the accounting & finance function so they don’t have to. airCFO helps startups build their finance & accounting functions to scale, with efficient processes and tools that gives them insight into their financial performance. Our vision is to become the nation’s most respected financial partner for startups, serving startups from Silicon Valley to NYC.

Due to an increasing demand for our services, we are hiring! This is an opportunity to join a rapidly growing team of talented individuals and contribute directly to the success of our organization. We don’t care where you do your best work - whether it’s in one of our offices, at home, or in a coworking space - we’re distributed across the US and we’re proud to be able to hire talented individuals regardless of their location.

Don't see a role that fits you on our Careers page? That's okay! We are always looking for talented individuals with a background in Finance and Accounting to join our team. If you love working with startups and think you'd be a great fit for our organization, send us a message and let us know why!

Pro-tip: BE SPECIFIC. We're looking for you to tell us HOW you can add value to our organization. A list of your skill sets won't help us and an overview of your past experience isn't going to give us much insight in to your future contributions. We want to know how you can aid in furthering our mission and why it's important to the stage we're in now.