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The Augmented Intelligence Company | #LightUpDarkData

The Augmented Intelligence Company | #LightUpDarkData

Aikon Labs is a product startup that is solving enterprise problems with AI. Our platform has evolved from being focused on fostering innovation in a global community to becoming a central reusable repository of information, insights, and intelligence, derived from interactions that happen inside and outside of enterprises. iEngage.ai is an Augmented Intelligence platform that provides a set of APIs for managing Interactions. Our platform iEngage helps manage interactions of various types be it questions, problems, complaints, compliments, feedback & ideas. These interactions can be in text, audio, video & images. The platform combines human and machine intelligence to classify and categorize interactions, source reliable & timely responses, understand preferences and intent, discover patterns and make predictions. The in-built process engine helps orchestrate the interaction flows. And a framework based on Karma ensures sustained engagement through gamifying, recognizing and rewarding stakeholder participation and contribution. iEngage.ai has been designed grounds up for interactions. The robust set of APIs play nicely with various multi-channel systems of engagement & enterprise systems of record built for managing transactions. iEngage.ai is available on a SaaS model.

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