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Connecting developers and enterprises to Blockchain

Connecting developers and enterprises to Blockchain

Aikon is on a mission to help developers and enterprises connect their apps and users to blockchain technology. We’ve released several ground-breaking products that help deliver on this vision including ORE ID (oreid.io) to connect social logins to block accounts and chain-js, an open-source library for building applications that work across multiple blockchains. Aikon has also built the first API marketplace on the blockchain so that developers can build truly decentralized solutions that pay for API access using cryptocurrency. And we’ve released the ORE protocol - a core blockchain protocol for decentralized rights management and backed by over a decade of thought-leadership and a significant patent portfolio.

Senior Software Engineer / Architect

VP Engineering / Architect

Marc Blinder

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Startup exec with multiple positive exits. Product expert with deep marketing experience.

Tray Lewin

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Founded 3 software companies ($50M+ in sales). Full-stack coder and iOS developer. Active on 6 startups over last 5 yrs. Technical at heart with an MBA from MIT