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AiFi is automating the world's stores



Ying Zheng

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Entrepreneur, co-founder, CEO @AiFi, professional daydreamer, AI, computer vision, human device interaction technology pro


Jeff Lin

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Finance and planning professional for consumer technology companies. Seven plus years in leading financial & data discussions among cross functional teams.

David Looney

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Production manager, inventory and supply chain, purchasing and procurement negotiation, service manager, training, process management, worked at Knightscope.

Amith Iyer

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Case Western Reserve University Mechanical/Aerospace

Tyler Crain

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CG artist, architect, photographer, fabricator, creative coder studied architecture, art, and design computation at Washington University in St. Louis and MIT

An Wangpeng

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Want to make the world a better place using deep learning. :)

Joao Diogo Falcao

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Cornell M.Eng; Developed multiple robotic systems from Omni-directional ground vehicles; semi-autonomous drones to humanoid rockbands. Pursuing PhD at CMU;

Carlos Ruiz

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PhD Candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. Signal Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Python, Matlab, C++...

Aiman Sokhal

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Applied mathematics at CentraleSupelec and ENS Cachan (MVA) in France. Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

Shuang Liu

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Research Engineer at AiFi Fortune favors the bold.

Alberto Sadde

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MSc in Computer Science at the University of Oxford. Interested in functional programming languages (Haskell) Two years of experience in C++ and CUDA.

Brian Bates

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I am a highly-organized engineer with 8+ years of software development experience and a strong educational foundation in machine learning and computer vision.

Liu Yang

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Superhero at AiFi

Former team

Monica Xie

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Jessica Ji

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Chen Xu

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Mahmoud Hassan

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Joaquin Santoyo

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Aleksandar Abas

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