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​​​​About aiden.ai

We're on a mission to build the future of work with Aiden, the world's first AI-powered marketing coworker.

Aiden is the world's first AI-powered analyst for marketers. Today’s workloads are driven by an overwhelming amount of data that is difficult for humans to process. Aiden saves marketers' time and is able to make intelligent recommendations and decisions on their behalf. We are combining machine learning methods with expert systems, to help humans focus on what matters most. We've taught Aiden to do much of the work a marketing analyst would typically do, this includes:

- Performing complex queries on vast amounts of marketing data.
- Allow humans to design complex strategies that combine AI techniques with expert knowledge, that can be customized for each situation.
- Make complex Data Science strategies accessible for a wide variety of users

We are looking for a passionate world-class developer to assume a key role on our engineering team.

We are located in central London (UK) and we don't accept remote work at present.

Engineering at Aiden.ai

We are an engineering-first company and have a strong bottom-up engineering culture. We believe that our engineers need to being user facing and product centric to build the best possible product.

We are a small, nimble team, but we are growing fast. People in our teams gravitate to whatever interests them. It means you will likely do many different things - you need to be prepared to have to switch from backend development to machine learning related work in a single week. It makes every day exciting and unique - and its the best way to learn and grow! If technical curiosity and enthusiasm to move around the stack feels like your thing, we would love to hear from you.

How We Hire

We try to keep our interview process swift and try to close within 2 weeks if possible. We have 3 stages:

- A 80 minute coding interview in your own time. Coding tests aren't perfect, but we use it as an objective baseline for all our candidates.
- A phone interview talking about your experiences and Aiden.ai's current stage to discover if we're a good match. We will also discuss a technical problem together on this call.
- A half day on-site interview at our offices in London. You'll meet our team and have several technical and non-technical interviews with people in our team working on various problems. It's a good chance to find out what it's like to work at Aiden.ai

After this, we ask for a couple of references from people you've worked with and we try to make a decision soon after the on-site interview.

What the role involves

You need to be a self-starter and be able to decide what is the most important thing to work on at any moment. You'll be expected to take on a wide range of challenges and be proficient in both back and front end technologies.

In this role you will:

- Write the software that drives Aiden's skills. It is primarily back end code, but you may need to write some front end code as well.
- Propose & Design feature specs based on client feedback
- Document your code, both inline and as dedicated engineering documentation where required including diagrams.
- Write automated tests to ensure your code is robust.

Skill requirements

- BSc or greater in Computer Science
- Familiarity with Python, TypeScript or Node.js
- Desire to be a key early engineer and shape the engineering culture
- Comfortable taking on critical responsibilities.
- Experience building products from scratch to production is recommended
- Experience/interest in machine learning and data science is a plus​
- Experience or interest in functional programming is a bonus too


£45000 - £55000 per year, dependent on experience.

Equity available.

Closing date: 15 July 2019

Meet your team

People you would work with in this role
Product maker - Entrepreneur - Ex @Apple product manager

Ling Zhang

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Machine learning + full stack + android developer. Software Engineer @ Aiden.ai. EF8 in London. Previously Palantir and FB.

Lea Berthelot

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Works @Aiden.ai, helping to build the first AI-powered virtual colleague for marketers. Worked at Krux/Salesforce and 55. Studied @Escp Europe Business School.

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