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Reinventing Global Learning

Reinventing Global Learning

Education is the strongest weapon to change the world. The mobile is the strongest tool to reach people all over the world. With the mobile learning venture AIAR® we are doing exactly this, reaching billions of people in emerging markets with more fun, efficient and secure mobile learning that has ever been seen.

At least three things differentiates us dramatically from old MOOC:s and eLearning, traditionally using new technology to repair old processes instead of innovating new ones. First, AIAR® has the state-of-the-art learning tool with more similarities to gaming and social media than traditional education - adding hi-tech solutions with AI-customized learning journeys and blockchain secured certifications. Second, the focus on emerging markets in Asia and Africa differing totally from the traditional US dinosaurs. Third, growth hacking the market by using disruptive distribution never used for learning before.

Cause we are daring to change the world. Are you?
Serial Entrepreneur who has been active in Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Sweden, Belize and USA.
Reinventing Global Learning - world's nr 1 mobile learning using social media & gamification, adding AI & Blockchain for customization & security


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