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We are building the next generation of intelligent buildings.

We are building the next generation of intelligent buildings.

AI. is a full-service architecture and technology agency founded in New York with studios located in the world’s most dynamic and global design cities: Shanghai, Barcelona, and Hong Kong. We are a collaborative of designers, thinkers, and technologists working to transform urban environments.

AI. SpaceFactory is our most forward-thinking research and development wing, dedicated to visionary projects that will shape the future of the built environment in the long term. Our mission is to humanize the physical space we occupy; to make it accessible, responsive, and personal.

AI. is founded on a simple idea: that to build our future we need to think differently, to synthesize new technologies and new materials, and to invent new models of collaboration. With an exciting portfolio of new projects underway, we see in each project the potential to contribute to the human experience; that by working together, we can build a better world.

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