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Credit Lending Barometer: AI-Life Score™️

Credit Lending Barometer: AI-Life Score™️

Affordable, Secure, No FICO Installment Loan using AI-Life Score™

AI-Life Pay is real time analytics platform offering fraud detection and credit risk analysis.  Our platform will revolutionize lending models, investment decisions and fraud detection to create new value in the financial ecosystem. 

We are currently operating in stealth mode, discussing collaborative partnerships with major financial institutions, companies and others in the finance ecosystem. Part of Silicon Valley's burgeoning FinTech scene, we are disrupting lending industry with 0% starting APR, immediate profit sharing with our customers by rewarding early payments, and revolutionary real time fraud detection using AI-Life Score™️. We are true innovators in the use of Technology, Data and Finance to deliver better outcomes for everyone.

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Co-Founder and Chief Business Strategy Officer

Co-founder and Chief Financial and Risk Officer

Founder @AI-Life Pay • Worked at @Intel, Inventor