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Lars Buttler

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Co-Founder & CEO, AI Foundation Chairman at BENS' US National Cyber, AI & Tech Council Founder, Trion Worlds, Inc Chairman at Madison Sandhill


Adiya King

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Wellesley College Graduate. Bilingual. Lots of Leadership experience and computer skills. Can do all types of writing ranging from technical to creative.

Murilo Coutinho

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Moiz Dohadwala

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Delip Rao

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Researcher. I like to build stuff and teams. Previously at Amazon (Alexa), Google, Twitter. I like working at the intersection of science, people, and products.

Charlotte Cheek

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Experienced Account and Project Manager

Corey Davis

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Bryan Watson

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A growth-oriented senior operating executive with 20+ years of experience and a track record of growing and running both BtoC and BtoC ecommerce businesses.

Shantae Hill

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Ali Shahriyari

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Director of Software Production

Ashley Pionke

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Rob Mallery

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VP of People and AI Culture @AIFoundation

Brady Dehn

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Head of Operations@AI Foundation

Jonathan Chu

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Worked at AI Foundation, Originate.Went to University of California, Washington University in St. Louis

Monty Coon

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AI Foundation is hiring. Please take a look at the positions we have available.

Antonio Morales

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Software Engineer at AI Foundation
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Board members and advisors

Venture Investor at @Pantera Capital ; Board Observer at @ChangeCoin ; Mentor at @Boost Bitcoin Fund ; Mentor at @Alchemist Accelerator

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Helen Medrano

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