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AI-Adam provides technical recruiting and talent acquisition in Artificial Intelligence

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AI-Adam provides technical recruiting, talent acquisition and advice in the procurement of rare talent to the world’s most challenging industry sectors in Artificial Intelligence tool set, Full stack / Frontend / Backend Engineering, Robotics, Data Science, Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning & Deep Learning. We have developed a comprehensive technical understanding of the multiple challenges companies face to succeed in this competitive market place and have worked with various start-ups through to some of the biggest social network, artificial intelligence, Gaming, e-commerce, publishing, fin-tech, retail, ad-tech, charity, utilities, clean-tech, and banking institutions across the Globe.
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Machine Learning Engineer

We are hiring for a Machine Learning Solutions Engineer in London for one of our leading AI startups. You will work on the core tooling for customers, design and build scalable ML solutions on top of open source and enterprise products.