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Movement re-defined for people and goods

Movement re-defined for people and goods

AHOY is a smart city mobility platform, allowing entities and individuals alike to use both public and on-demand transportation in a seamless and integrated manner from a single platform both for intra and inter mobility.

Current on-demand companies through high demand and popularity stress travel hubs & network with an apparent lack of smart city integration, lack of support & fair treatment to service providers. everyone has a smartphone, everyone wants an app..

We are a smart transportation platform that helps cities become efficient, optimized and smart and reduce the strain on traffic networks while capturing the market through unprecedented options to users that lifts the quality of their trips
Through our platform, IoT & AI we will make trips not only more enjoyable; we will make them safer too allowing you to save time and money on commuting and link your flights to a ride and more

Our platform also has applications in optimizing last mile, logistics, waste collection, delivery and courier operations and more

Adel Samer

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Jamil is a successful entrepreneur & urban and regional planning engineer, with a focus on sustainability, economic development and technology.

Data Scientist, Machine Learning Developer

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