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Vidhi Dutta

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Koushik Mandal

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Seasoned data science professional with active experience in Ag-tech & Fintech startups during high growth phase.
Product Recruitment Specialist,Recruited for various tech product startups/MNC's,3+ years using various modes of recruitment for tech startups and MNC's.

Sanchaita Dey

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I specialize in creating interactive wireframes, user-centered applications with strong emotional appeal and intuitive navigation to maximize user engagement.

Ajinkya Pathak

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Software Development Engineer 2 at AgroStar

Ketki Mane

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Worked at AgroStar
Manager - Innovations Cell (Technology in Operations) at ITC, B.Tech & M.Tech from IIT Madras, Exchange Student, York University, Canada

Siddardh Padyala

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Gopher, backend developer. Interested in distributed systems, databases, and Web development

Bhagyashri J. Kulkarni

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Front End Developer | JavaScript(ES6) | ReactJS | Redux | Redux Thunk/Saga | AngularJS | Axios | HTML5 | CSS3 | Styled Components | SCSS | Webpack | AWS

Mihir Shah

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Former team

Saneeth Sriramoju

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Jolly Singh

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Ashish Kumar

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Surabhi Mathur

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Suraj Sunil Shah

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Hussain Tamboli

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