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Analytics & Technology for Agriculture

Analytics & Technology for Agriculture

Agrometrics is a global artificial intelligence AgTech company that leverages real-time data analytics on data-streams coming from multiple sources and is backed by AI-optimized automated pipelines to improve and increase the efficiency of the entire agriculture value chain. Agrometrics is focused on delivering high end, easy to deploy agricultural software products and solutions. We aspire to transform all farms into smart farms. Just like, factories, our goal is to empower enterprise farms & farm owners to be able to set their operations based on real-time information. Our motto is to enable the agribusiness to be able to trace and analyze costs vs output from a macro to a granular level. The primary aim of AGROMETRICS is to innovate and provide affordable high-end technological solutions for global agricultural challenges. We offer our customers a complete range of IoT, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence solutions as a platform. AGROMETRICS has been headquartered at Madison

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