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Superpowered real-time scripting for video games

Superpowered real-time scripting for video games

vimeo.com/133828708 SkookumScript is a revolutionary programming language that turbocharges game development. Simple, powerful and easy to learn, SkookumScript allows the creation of compelling and sophisticated gameplay—AI, missions, interactive audio, UI, and automation—with just a few lines of code. Key game concepts such as concurrency are built-in, and code modification and debugging can be done in real-time on live games. It scales painlessly and facilitates large-scale content creation, making it ideal for both major studios and small indie teams. Crafted over 20 years and battle-tested by veteran game developers, SkookumScript transforms team composition, workflow, and the very thought process of video game development. SkookumScript is the scripting solution for every genre of video game, on every platform, everywhere. SkookumScript is now available as a powerful turn-key plugin for the Unreal game engine, which has a base of over two million developers and growing.

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Markus Breyer

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Founder @Agog Labs • Senior Engineer at @LucasArts, @2K Games / Take-Two Interactive • 20 AAA Game Titles • Core Tech/Advanced Mathematics • Four Startups

Conan Reis

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CEO @Agog Labs 24 yrs game industry xp, creator of SkookumScript programming language Worked: @Electronic Arts @United Front Games & @LucasArts
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