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Dev & Science for the post human future



Greg Buckner

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Partner at AE Studio. Former Carbon Five. Two-time startup founder. Let's increase human agency together.

Edward Chen

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Ex-particle physicist (Caltech and Harvard); Quantitative equity finance; Interested in machine learning and data analysis, in particular.

Devin Smith

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Founder & CTO @AE Studio, lover of new tech, pretty pixels and beer.


Victor Feijo

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Passionate software engineer with 5+ years of coding experience. I also have a bachelor's degree in computer science at UFSC.

Dante Venafro

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Worked at AE Studio

Wesley Magness

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Founder | @Sneakar Product Manager | AE.STUDIO past: Design @Opportunity Education Founding team @Shout (YC S14) Curriculum dev @One Month (YC S13)

Katie James

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Worked at AE Studio

Melanie Plaza

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Full Stack Developer I write code, obsess over AI, #buidl with blockchain, and one day hope to miniaturize giraffes.

Former team

Dainis Boumber

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