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individualized metrics and feedback for hospital clinicians

individualized metrics and feedback for hospital clinicians

Agathos reduces unnecessary clinical variation in hospital medicine via individualized metrics, actionable feedback, and mobile user engagement—resulting in physician-led behavior change.

Agathos analyzes variations in clinical care that are under the influence of a hospitalist and where reducing the variation leads to improvement in quality, safety, throughput, length of stay, and/or cost per DRG.

Physicians receive personalized text notifications that direct them toward the Agathos mobile app. Here, physicians review peer comparison graphs, practice recommendations, and relevant clinical case examples. Meanwhile, clinical leaders gain access to real-time group and individualized metrics and variation reduction opportunities—perfect for morning pre-rounds, individual coaching, department meetings, and executive sessions.

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Andrew Trees

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Co-founded Agathos; five years consulting in biopharmaceuticals (IMS Health, ClearView), University of Pennsylvania class of 2010 (biology, finance, philosophy)

Steven Waye

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Co-founder of Agathos • Background in HIT product management (@Big Health, @Epic) • Studied at @University of Pennsylvania, graduated with honors 2010.