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Co-Founder @Affinio
Co-founder and CEO of Affinio.  Founder | Engineer | Inventor.
Co-founder and CTO of Affinio Back-end, Distributed Systems, Machine Learning Solving hard problems
Developer/Designer and Co-Founder @AffinioInc. Data Visualization, Ember.js, D3.js, and Python. Perpetually thinking up interfaces.


Meghan MacDonald

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Passionate, personable, eager to learn and results-driven sales and customer-facing professional. Sales Engineer @ Affinio. StFX Grad.

Joel Kuntz

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Ryan Hogg

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AE @Affinio | Venture for Canada | SaaS, data science & analytics, machine learning, biz dev, sales, AdTech, digital marketing & advertising | sports.

Quan Kong

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Software Engineer @AffinioInc Cloud Computing, Big Data MCS, Dalhousie University, Canada BCS, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

John Gleeson

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VP Business Development @AffinioInc. Life long entrepreneur, MBA grad @dalmba and passionate cold water surfer.

Board members and advisors

Jill Rowley

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Founder @ Valence Advisory, XIR @Expa, ex-Partner @500 Startups Founder @ReTargeter Advisor @Nike Passionate about leadership, growth, fundraising & philosophy.

Tim Burke

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Co-founder and CEO of Affinio.  Founder | Engineer | Inventor.
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