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Drones Inspecting Railroad Bridges

Drones Inspecting Railroad Bridges

There are 180,000 railroad bridges in North America. Each must be inspected annually. Drones are better, faster, cheaper and safer performing these tasks: *Drones can perform a many of these inspections without exposing personnel to physical risk (safer). *Inspections take 30-70% less time (faster) *Drones produce a higher quality and quantity of data (better) *Drone inspections will minimize or eliminate service interruptions (cheaper). Improved bridge inspections lead to safer rail transport: *Extending the service life of current bridges (better) *Enable focusing of limited resources on repair/replacement of bridges in most need (cheaper). Our solution will also provide the ability for cross functional participants in the inspection process without requiring travel to each site: *Materially reducing travel costs (cheaper) *Increasing team participation (better) *Increasing inspection throughput (faster) *Increasing accuracy and focus of inspections (better)

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