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Rapid drone based maps

Rapid drone based maps

Aerial Applications creates web-based GIS mapping software that acts as the "data backbone" for drone operations and resolves the question of how to make drones useful and profitable. We are experts in drone-based aerial data collection, processing, and management for infrastructure applications and emergency response. Our software and operations solutions improve field operations through easier data access, enhanced collaboration, and the most up-to-date GIS mapping environment commercially available, supported by customizable AI analysis.

Our software is designed to enable users to build their own use cases, and it has been deployed in telecommunications, disaster response, energy transmission, construction and agriculture verticals. Within our software, clients can manage day-to-day field operations with faster, better asset data than ever before possible - or they can coordinate rapid recovery efforts that improve emergency response times by up to 50%.

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Co-Founder and CMO at Aerial Applications
Founder & CEO of Aerial Applications - bringing artificial intelligence to enterprise drone operations. Co-founder of OfferBoard (acquired by Entoro Group).