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Data Science for Retail Decision Makers

Data Science for Retail Decision Makers

Aentropico empowers managers of medium-sized businesses to make informed decisions about pricing, budget allocation, inventory, maintenance, marketing channels, and even cost structure. They get insights for their decisions by using our Data Apps, which are ready to use mathematical/statistical models that solve a particular business problem using an available data source. Towards this end, we built a large pool of solutions for industry specific questions and data sources. Tapping the growing interest of Big Data, our vision is to become the Amazon for Data Science. Our approach to Big Data is to make it simpler, relatable and accessible for Business Managers out there. Our magic is: Having an easy-to-use online platform that pre-packages the best algorithms that solve a specific business concern, into a Data App.

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Juan Pablo Marin Diaz

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Cofounder and Chief Innovation Officer at @Aentropico. President of the latinno Foundation. Pragmatic, curious, skeptic.
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