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Get your brand on the road

Get your brand on the road

Adverttu provides a new outdoor advertising solution. We connect UK-based SMEs that are looking to advertise with private motorists, wishing to benefit financially via renting commercial space on the side of their car. Our clients have access to a bespoke online platform that gives them easy access to their very own marketing campaign. They are able to monitor, assess and extend an existing campaign. Measurement of each campaign is facilitated with the help of mobile app and cutting-edge analytics tool based on AI principles & real-time data provided by ONS, Waze, and ArcGIS. Our solution helps: •Companies - to increase awareness; •Drivers - earn passive income; •Suppliers (wrapping companies) - increase their revenue flow and maintain momentum. Adverttu' ambition is to become a major advertising medium by creating an autonomous platform for outdoor advertising, without owning any media assets.

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Artjom Jekimtsev

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Company visionary and assume responsibilities of CEO @ Adverttu.
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