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immersive + decentralized computing, blockchain

immersive + decentralized computing, blockchain

adventure pizza is a boutique product development studio focused on frontier technologies; blockchain + tokens, augmented & virtual reality, iot, beyond

we create web based products, software tools and individual learning frameworks to support the above

we are a practical, results oriented organization

homepage: whimsical.com/U9mVLH4Lsu9SkbU4oeXLbw


organizational stack: slack, github, figma, notion, whimsical



drag and drop ethereum interface prototype

snoop: (free)
dolly (5 cents)
sonnet18: (99 cents)

to try, download metamask.io

experimental personal pages + ethereum: omni.fyi/wallet/0x0FfA1C7234Ad4038B00614D8f8f84d30d08d36Ef

saturnchat.com (immersive multi-media messenger) <--try typing !effects in the bar or launching a gif via panel

adventure.gold --> arrow keys to move on computer, press, turn to move on mobile. paste url or text into bar below, create new room, share url or visit from mobile to see others

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Immersive + Decentralized Computing, Blockchain