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Data Science & Risk Management Enterprise Software

Data Science & Risk Management Enterprise Software

ARAPL offers data analytics solutions and catastrophe risk management consulting as its core offerings. These are supported by many innovative technologies to generate high quality data and estimate loss outcomes. These technology products include image processing and modelling techniques to better estimate and analyze the risk to reduce losses. Estimating loss arising from catastrophic events continue to be the main challenge to insurance industries due to the lack of historical data and significant impact these events can have to their balance sheet. Our solutions provide real-time loss estimate of property insurance portfolio and account arising from global catastrophic events like earthquake, hurricanes/cyclones and flood. The dynamic dashboards with maps, charts, pivot and grid visualization are generated from the vast amount of data received by the insurance company. This allows insurance underwriters to understand exposures, risks and risk drivers for better decision making.

Karishma Dilip Meher

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Proficient in management, planning, execution. Aspiring recruiter with a positive approach.

Jidnyasa Nilange

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Worked at Advanced Risk Analytics , Geometric Ltd . Experience with .NET Framework C# ASP.NET MVC, Angular.JS, C#.NET. Went to K. J. Somaiya COE

Ashish Belambe

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Thought Leader with 20+ years of experience in insurance industry. Blend of skills in data analytics, insurance, software development, engineering and science.