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Co-Founder @AdmitHub ; Admissions at Princeton, UPenn, & Bowdoin; Dir. of Member Relations @ The Common Application, Inc.


Becky Sechen

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Anne La

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Partner Success @AdmitHub

Becky Sacks

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Brad Matthiesen

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VP Engineering @AdmitHub . Founder of ClassForward; Harvard; University of Chicago; tech enthusiast, fantasy baseball junkie, pizza lover

David Jiang

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I am a web developer currently based in Seattle looking for opportunities to build cool things with the latest technologies.

Damien Rochford

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Software Engineer at AdmitHub; Ph.D MIT, Philosophy; B.Sc. University of Melbourne, Pure Mathematics

Brian Ruhlmann

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Sales & Marketing Director at EdTech co. AdmitHub. Using AI and messaging to support students. Founder at CraftHotSauce.com. Tons of fun and big things coming!

Caroline Alexander

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Degree in computer science with an interest in architecture, design, and creating useful things.

Dan Peterson

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Board members and advisors

Successful serial entrepreneur & active angel investor. Founder/CEO of GigaMedia (NASDAQ: GIGM), Luckypai, and New Focus Auto, (HKSE: 0360). #raymondnobuchang

Former team

Elliott Ribner

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Fabien LaPointe

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Alex Crisara

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