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B2B Augmented Reality Solutions for Retail Enterprises

Senior Development Lead

₹9L – ₹15L • 1.0% – 1.5%
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• Bachelors Degree in fields such as Computer Science, Electrical, or equivalent degree in Mathematics & Computing from a premier institute

• App Development - You will get a chance to develop multiple Apps deployed on AWS backed by docker. You will work on building anything from simple datastore update to complex algorithm verification to cross-platform development between the web and Android Apps.

• Frontend - This may take forms of purely WebApps or they could be wrapped into desktop and mobile apps.

• Engineering Problems - You will get a chance to learn and develop using some of the leading edge algorithms with an alignment of 3D technologies, sensor noise removal, sensor fusion, IMU’s, etc. You might have to go through some of the latest research papers on these topics and develop software for it. If you are someone who loves to make computer models of the algorithm described in these academic papers and adapt them to the use cases we love to have you work with us.

• Read and understand the existing state of the art literature in the area of Deep Learning and Computer Vision related to 3D vision

• Work independently, and lead your own development effort.
• Write clean and efficient code using the best software engineering principles for any and all programming tasks.

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Founder @ADLOID. background. IIT Delhi Alumni. Currently building an Augmented Commerce.

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