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We have a small team but big dreams. We would love your help in making Adjoint truly special. If you think you’re smart, self-driven and passionate about making life simple using technology, please reach out to us.

We at Adjoint are passionate about making life simpler for local businesses and consumers, using cutting edge tomorrow technologies and helping them compete with online market places and provide them the benefits of offline-online integration.

We use IoT technology extensively in conjunction with embedded systems and create products which are truly one of a kind. While the entire world is going ga-ga about online, the small offline merchants are often ignored forgetting the fact that they still contribute 97% of the trade. We at Adjoint are hell bent in making sure the offline local merchants remain competitive by providing them the latest possible technologies to understand and engage their customers seamlessly and thereby helping them increase sales.
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Software Engineer

Product Manager-Technology

Posted 2 months ago

Looking for a tech geek with strong coding/ growth hacking skills. Ideal candidate should be technically strong, functionally agile, must have ability to work in stressful environment, have ability to manage uncertainties and passionate about building great products and teams