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AI that creates workforce stability through human mobility

AI that creates workforce stability through human mobility

Staybil is award-winning, AI-powered Optimization SaaS (OSaaS) that allows organizations to reduce costs, time, workforce turnover, and environmental impacts while simplifying their operations. Staybil's lightweight API works with existing software instead of trying to replace it. And if we don't already have a solution? It won't take us long to create one because we are the OSaaS experts.

Staybil Industries:
-Workforce (all industries)
-Mobile and Facility-based Healthcare and Aged Care
-Retail and Food Service
-Field Force & Service
-Facilities Management
-Logistics and Direct to Consumer

Staybil Solutions:
-Optimized recruitment, auto-rostering, and workforce deployment.
-Auto-scheduling and optimal routing for mobile workforces.
-Cost, time, and distance minimization for transport and delivery.
-Commutalytics, custom integrations, and Smart Cities analyses.

Lead Developer (full stack, react, node, nosql, API)

Two high tech SW/HW spinouts One web startup exit 15 years global engineering management