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Businesses suck at online advertising.

We know this because we spent years on the AdWords team at Google, watching advertisers lose millions of dollars.

Our job was to talk to thousands of these advertisers and help them understand the most important information within their AdWords accounts. We knew software would eventually replace our jobs, so we left Google to build it ourselves.

In one click, AdHawk aggregates the data from all of your online advertising platforms (Google AdWords and Facebook Ads), puts it into a single, intuitive, mobile dashboard, and helps users turn insights into action.

The opportunity is massive, and we have the team to execute the vision…except, well, for you.

*The opportunity to learn every single day & make an impact
*Unlimited sick days
*Unlimited vacation days
*Free Citi bike memberships
*Free breakfast in the office
*Settlers of Catan board ready to play at all times

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